Cédrick Sungo

Cédrick SUNGO attended the Institute of Fine Arts in Kinshasa and obtained his state diploma in 2010. Then the Academy of Fine Arts of the same city where he obtained his bachelor's degree in Metal Sculpture in 2017 (BAC + 5) in Kinshasa, where he was born in 1992. Active member of the collective Vision Total (VITO), an artistic structure focused on the promotion of contemporary practices. He has participated in several collective exhibitions and residencies. He lives and works in Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In parallel to Sammy Baloji, Cédrick Sungo is doing a duty of remembrance which is an ode to recovery and recycling and is representative of the Kinshasa art scene: denouncing in particular the toxic relationship that man has with his environment, questioning the ubuesque exploitation of Katanga and eastern DR Congo sacrificed on the altar of devastating consumption.

The artist has created a focus on current realities, more precisely the exploitation of our natural resources, which are so fragile, even threatened, in the light of current events. These brightly coloured metals and wire played an essential role in the 19th century in the southern province of the DR Congo and met the needs of commercial exchanges... but they also bore witness to social rank.

Today they are creating a new environmental exploitation disaster. In this sense, Cédrick Sungo proposes a concept as a Congolese, from which his roots are drawn. This work allows him to reappropriate the imagination of his country through the metallurgical culture left by his ancestors.

Cédrick Sungo - Untitled