Famakan Magassa

Born in 1997 and holder of a degree from the Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers Multimédias Balla Fasséke Kouyaté in Bamako, he immediately stood out within the Atelier Badialan before leaving it and becoming one of the founders of the Sanou'Art collective. These choices contribute to his approach, that of an artist who deliberately wishes to escape all classification and influence without denigrating the elders.

The young man wants to be thoughtful, somewhat philosophical, stubborn, humble. His motto is his relationship with time, which in Africa is a constant, so to speak. "I'm like the turtles, I prefer to move slowly but surely". Those closest to him do not hesitate to call him "The Wise One" because he draws a large part of his approach from his vision of life and his philosophy.

Beneath his calm appearance, the creator is inventive, always on the alert, on the lookout for current events in his country but also connected to the world. Curious about everything, he takes a critical look at current events, at the vanity of mankind, at this capacity to want to destroy as much as to build. Aware of this permanent disorder, he becomes an active spectator of it insofar as we will find in his work the fruit of this capture.

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