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Franck Kemkeng Noah

– June 2019: Solo exhibition at the AAC gallery in Amiens.
– January 2019: Group exhibition “Young Artist”, Art’Course gallery in Strasbourg.
– November 2018 : Group exhibition ” Quinzaine de Parrainage “, Stéphane Salord gallery in Marseille.
– March 2018 : Collective exhibition Master I and II of the UPJV des ARTS.
“Utopia/Heterotopia”, Maison de la Culture d’Amiens.
2016: Personal exhibition “hybridity as a factor of tolerance”, Hilton Yaounde Hotel.
2016: Collective exhibition “BIMBIA” (memory of slavery and trafficking in Cameroon), National Museum of Cameroon Yaounde.

2015: Collective exhibition “BIMBIA” (memory of slavery and trafficking in Cameroon), Yaounde Reunification Monument Space.
2015: Performance, installation, personal exhibition “All in One” and a “One in All”, Goethe Institute.
2014: Collective exhibition “theatrical encounter” at the IFC (French Institute of Cameroon) Yaounde.
2013: Collective exhibition cultural weeks at the Institute of Fine Arts in Foumban


Biography of Franck Kemkeng

Entitled “Hybrid Art”, my work is an experimental approach characterized mainly by the exploitation of painting, sculpture, interactive performance and installation. This aesthetic research in which mixed productions are born (either by the subjects represented, or the artistic means of expression used), is to approach the notion of inter-culturalism. Indeed, the “Human” mix of cultures constitutes the center of my concerns. It is (culture) the very possibility of creating, renewing and sharing values, the breath that increases the vitality of humanity ” African proverb “.

My (traditional) culture therefore constitutes for me a real wealth and my main source of inspiration which, in my creations will merge with that which opens to me but also that which imposes itself by means such as globalization, immigration … or with that of the spectator (through interactive performance) to give a kind of Palace of Memory. The confrontation with the works born from this experience favours (for me) the personal questioning of oneself, of the other, of our human and cultural nature. This idea of fusion between my (traditional) origins and the culture of the other for the creation of a new “self” is inspired by Oswald de Andrade’s Brazilian Anthropophagy.

The fusion between dance scenes and geographical space, traditional masks and costumes… are the main elements represented in my creations. They are materialized through various means of artistic expression such as painting, sculpture, interactive performance, installation… Likewise, a fusion between these different art forms is experimented in my creations to give one and the same work, a kind of total work of art. A process that symbolizes for me the unity of life. “Art is for me a means of deep self-expression; it encourages experimentation, the desire to discover, to escape… in short, the Joy of Life! ».