Khalid Abdel Rahman


Artist Khalid Abdel Rahman

was born in 1978 and lives in Khartoum, Sudan.

Khalid Abdel Rahman has a very characteristic style of abstract architectural scenes from the Khartoum neighborhoods. Documenting a middle class that is slowly disappearing due to either working with the government or leaving the country searching for a better living situation. The brightly sad coloring of these empty neighborhoods reflects the reality of a disappearing class and people. Like a surreal scene from a memory you saw in a dream.

“I always think of my artistic work as an extension of the local Sufi poetic tradition that values the eye of contentment or the good eye that sees beauty in everything. With this concept in mind, I walk every day to look at my environment and take pictures and sketches, then I return to the workshop to produce the final result, usually a simple drawing with soft pastels on paper.
My goal in this work is to celebrate the local and the ordinary and, I hope, to inspire those who look at my art to look carefully at the things around them.”