DISABLE_WP_CRONYannis Guibinga Visual Photographic Artist - African Arty

Yannis Davy Guibinga

Personal exhibitions
“Black Portrait – Decolonized” Odyssey. Moscow. Moscow, Russia. September 2017
Eastern Bloc “I Am Montreal”. Montreal, Canada. December 2018
CEGEP “La couleur la plus sombre” Edouard Montpetit. Longueil, Canada. February 2019

Group exhibitions
“Olaju African Market: A Creative Arts Festival” San Antonio, Texas. January 2018
“Mid-Session Exhibition: Marsan College” Montreal, Canada. May 2018
“PICHA & COLOURS” Libreville, Gabon. August 2018
“Photo tour: Sherbrooke” Sherbrooke, Canada. September 2018
“Final Exhibition” Marsan College. Montreal, Canada. December 2018

“UTMSU’s Black History Month Art Show” UTM. Mississauga, Canada. February 2017
“The Platform” UTM. Mississauga, Canada. February 2017
“Moadiga x Yannis Davy Guibinga: Opposition” 50 Boulevard Strasbourg. Paris, France.
“Stock Art Show” Sheridan College. Oakville, Canada. March 2016
“We are Africa”, Cape Town football stadium. Cape Town, South Africa. May 2016
“The Sawubona Project” Daniels Spectrum. Toronto, Canada. August 2016
“Moadiga x Afro-fusion” Paris, France. November 2016
Exhibition “Afro Frontal” Gallery of White Clouds. Washington D.C., November 2016
“African Lens: Exhibition” Hotel Taj. Cape Town, South Africa. December 2016
“Panorama” Get Arena, Leki. Lagos, Nigeria. December 2016

Nestlings Awards
Photographer of the Year (2015), January 2016. Cape Town, South Africa

LCC Program
Photography competition: Special Mention (6th edition), February 2018. Casablanca, Morocco


Yannis Davy Guibingua

is a self-taught Gabonese photographer who currently lives and works in Montreal, Canada. His portraits question the diversity of the African continent and its diaspora.

After three years of practice, Yannis Guibinga’s work is beginning to focus on themes related to Africa. His work consists of decolonizing the representation of Africa, challenging stereotypical Western ideas. With a focus on representative photography, he had the opportunity to give a TED Talk lecture at the University of Toronto, where he discussed his work as a photographer and the role that photography plays in activism.

Guibinga highlights the diversity of the African continent and challenges the colonial and monolithic representation of the African population and diaspora. Her portraits examine African identities through the intersection of gender, sexuality or socio-economic status, allowing her to offer an honest representation of the African continent. His works are characterized by a bold palette of primary colours and a futuristic atmosphere, which represent the multiple identities of a modern Africa.