Maya-Inès Touam Fondation H

Maya-Inès Touam in residence at Fondation H

Maya-Inès Touam : Fil d’Exil

FROM 01 MARCH 2021 TO 22 MAY 2021

Maya-Inès Touam at Fondation H – Paris. ©Maya-Inès Touam

Maya-Inès Touam will occupy the space of the Fondation H - Paris from March 1 to April 30, 2021, as a creative workshop and research space for a series of works that will be developed in situ.
From 4 to 22 May 2021, the artist will present the exhibition Fil d'Exil, the result of this creative residency.

Maya-Inès Touam's plastic research for this project is interested in the ways in which links are forged around objects, fabrics and headdresses redefined by the African diasporas (mainly North and West Africa) living in France. The starting point of her reflection is the textiles imported and brought back from these regions, everyday utensils, ethnic markers, inherent to our histories, inscribed in the French collective memory. These objects transmit messages, a cultural heritage, and enlighten us on intertwined identities.


Maya-Inès Touam at Fondation H – Paris ©Maya-Inès Touam

Within the framework of Fil d'Exil, the artist will work on a woven map of France, on various photographic compositions, still lifes made up of objects collected in Paris from North and West Africa, as well as on a series of portraits.

Carte de France in process. ©Maya-Inès Touam