Jean-David Nkot

Jean David Nkot was born in Douala (Cameroon) where he lives and works. In 2010, he obtained a BAC in painting at the Institute of Artistic Training of Mbalmayo (IFA). Thereafter, he joined the Institute of Fine Arts of Foumban, where he obtained a Bachelor's degree in drawing/painting. In 2017 he joined the Post Master "Moving Frontiers" organised by the Ecole Nationale d'Arts de Paris-Cergy (France) on the theme of borders. Throughout his training at the Fine Arts School of Foumban, he won several artistic awards (Best Sculptor, Installer and Painter).
Interested in the human condition, the impact of the violence of indifference and the passivity of the international community and governments on the situation of the victims in the world, immigration as a pretext to talk about the body and space are the key subjects around which he structures his plastic approach. The postal universe (stamps, postcards, letters, envelopes) constitutes the main part of his creations, questioning and shaking consciences by exploring and exposing faces submerged by inscriptions of the names of weapons of war. The aim being to invite society to free itself from dehumanising acts, by offering it a space for dialogue and reflection, and for some time now the introduction of cartographies in my work has been taking more and more space to question the links that can exist between the body and the territories in a socio-cultural context torn by the fear of the other, silence and violence. The map, body, face, routes/circuits, weapon code and everyday objects present in my work become metaphors for the state of a society weakened by fear and the desire to control the other.
Jean David Nkot - www.statistiquecassitérité@yahoo.FR, Acrylique, posca et encre chine sur toile, 120 x 110 Cm, 2021

Exhibitions & Awards

  • 2018 : Cité Internationale Des Arts de Paris
  • 2016 : Effet ciseaux (Cameroun) Bandjoun station
  • 2015 : 4ème Rencontre Internationale des Arts Contemporains (RICA), Congo Brazzaville Sahm
  • 2ème atelier de recherche, échange accompagnement et création, Radteam culture Congo Brazzaville
  • 2014: Artiste face aux appels à candidature, Bandjoun Station
  • 2021 : Corps Et Espace (Cameroun) Espace Doual’art
  • Dessous Des Cartes (Cameroun) Espace Bolo
  • Human Condition (France) Afikaris
  • 2020 : The Shadows Of Space (1.54 Marrakech) Afikaris Gallery
  • Corps Rêveur (Londres) Jack Bell Gallery
  • 2019 : Voyage En Léthargie (Londres) Jack Bell Gallery
  • 2018 : Cartographie Mentale (Londres) Jack Bell Gallery
  • Jeux Clown (France) Galerie Carole Kvasnevski
  • Autopsie D’un Chemin De Croix (France) Cité Internationale Des Arts Paris
  • Jeux De Maux (France) Cité Internationale Des Arts Paris 
  •  2016 : A Fleur De Peau (Cameroun), Doual’art


2020 : Paris Art Fair – Afikaris 

  • Cape Town Art Fair – Afikaris 
  • 1.54 New York Jack Bell Gallery
  • 1.54 Londres

2019 : 1.54 New York Jack Bell Gallery

  • 1.54  Londres Jack Bell Gallery
  • AKAA Art & Design Fair (Paris)

2018 : 1.54 London Jack Bell Gallery

  • 1.54 Marrakech
  • 1.54 New York Jack Bell Gallery


2020 : Peindre L’humain (Afikaris) Paris

  • Raupen Immerattism (Savvy Contemporary) Berlin
  • Eaux Forte (Maison Forte) Paris

2019 : Aujourd’hui (Musée National / Cameroun Collectives)

  • La Concorde (Bolo Espace) Cameroun
  • Désarticulations (Londres)
  • Lifting The Veil (Maroc)

2018 : L’afrique C’est Chic (Sénégal)

  • Invisible Border (France)
  • World Bank (Cameroun)
  • Métaphore Du Big Bang (France)
  • Urban Attitude Ravy (Rencontre D’art Visuel De Yaoundé) Cameroun

2017 : Sud (Salon Urbain De Douala Ind)

  • Mémoire Libérée, Musée National Du Cameroun
  • « Cheminement » Galerie D’art Contemporaine De Yaoundé Exposition
  • Behind The Portal, Bandjoun Station
  • Our Wishes Leopold Museum De Vienne – Autriche

2016 : Yia Art Fair (France) Bandjoun Station

  • Congo – Cameroun : Esthétique En Partage Au-delà Des Géographies Biennal Dakar (Sénégal)
  • Bind : Images Contemporaines Biennal Dakar (Senegal)
  • Dialogue(S) Bandjoun Station
  • Ravy (Rencontre D’art Visuel Yaoundé) Cameroun

2015 : Cape Town Art Fair (Afrique Du Sud), Doual’art

  • Jeune Regard Urbain Ii Espace Doual’art Art 2016 (Consulat De France)
  • Cameroun Un Regard Contemporain : Banque Mondiale Du Yaoundé

2014 : Ca-me-dit Martyrs : Espace Doual’art

  • Cameroun-tchad Feeling, Ndjamena

2013 : Salon Urbain De Douala, Off

2012 : 5ème Édition Couleur Et Toile, Scb Bonanjo

  • 2011 : Kamerun-kùnstlerstart In Des Meerkatze, Allemagne