Massoud Hayoun | Artist

Massoud Hayoun is an award-winning author and investigative journalist turned contemporary artist who debuts a suite of intimate and autobiographical works that pay homage to his Tunisian and Moroccan-Egyptian grandparents. The works also explore his coming-of-age experiences throughout his tenure in Beijing.

When called by the Master artist Ai Weiwei regarding Mr. Hayoun’s debut novel, which Weiwei found “exquisite”, their brief conversation inspired Massoud to dig deeper, where he found himself immersed in painting. These works are the beginning of that conversation. Mathqaf art organization has heralded him as an "artist crush du jour" and called his work "incredible," and he has already garnered solo and group shows across the United States, Morocco, Switzerland.

“Massoud’s defiance for independence mirrors his grandparent’s legacy for their own independence. His desire to speak honestly resonates in these intimate and deeply personal artworks. From an investigative journalist to a fine artist, truth is at the core of Mr. Hayoun’s works.” ~ Terrell Tilford, Creative Director

Massoud Hayoun - We Found Love in a Hopeless Place, 2022 - Acrylic on canvas - 50x50 cm

Exhibitions & Awards



Foreign Agent, Lausanne, Switzerland – “غربة – Ghorba,” September

Band of Vices, Los Angeles – “Introducing Massoud Hayoun,” April/ May




Duane Reed, St. Louis, MO – “Summer Group Spectacular” (Invitational), July/ August (2 works)

Houska Gallery, St. Louis, MO – “Forty Five,” Dec 2022 -Jan 2023 (4 works)