Maya-Inès Touam

“No one today is just this or that, Indian, woman, Muslim, American, these labels are just starting points.” Edouard W. Said.

Born in France to two Algerian parents, Maya-Inès Touam has always stretched her eyes and curiosity on both sides of the Mediterranean Sea. It is naturally that his artistic career has embraced the influences of these 2 continents. His first questions concerned the ambivalence of women’s power in the Arab world, with the rigour of not evading neo-Orientalism or post-colonialism. This cathartic period has resulted in a current work that is more rooted in universality and focused on the geographical, political and environmental crossroads of Africa. Thus, through multiple media, the young artist undertakes work that is both anthropological and dreamlike. She immerses her hands in the roots of her origins to draw striking images. With her, we discover the history and beauty of a thousand-year-old culture, but also the practical and geographical aspects of a fabric or objects that are too often caricatured.

"A work on the borders of two worlds, which is serenely conversed by the elegance and weight of words." Clément Brelet

Maya-Inès Touam Esquisse