Rahma Lhoussig

Rahma Lhoussig graduated from the National Institute of Fine Arts of Tetouan.

It is from the world of dreams that the artist draws her inspiration.

By being animated in this way by powerful dreamlike experiences, she chooses to collect her nocturnal visions on canvas. The body, often linked to forces in the form of everyday objects or with a zoomorphic aspect, then acts as a way of representing unconscious internal conflicts.
The artist’s paintings and drawings depict an iconography of the unfinished. Introspection of the work, the lines come undone, the bodies evaporate, to create a new world.

« Dreams allow us to discover another part of ourselves and our personality. At night, the unconscious works. »

Rahma Lhoussig - we may forever chase,2022 - Mixed media on canvas - 80x100 cm

Exhibitions & Awards

2023: Group exhibition, “Un-Buried Memories” African Arty – 1-54 Marrakech VIP Program, Morocco
2022: Solo show “Unfamiliar States”, London, UK
2022: Group exhibition, “Art is Child’s Play” African Arty, Casablanca, Morocco
2022: Investec Cape Town Art fair, South Africa
2022: Solo show, “While our eyes can’t see”, Casablanca, Morocco
2021: ”What dies lasts” Mahal Artspace, Tangier, Morocco
2021: Taiwan Annual Art fair ”What dies lasts”
2021: “The promises of art” Mohammed 6 Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and Contemporary Art, Rabat, Morocco
2021: Group exhibition, Cervantes Institute, Tangier, Morocco
2021: Group exhibition ”INBA generation”, Kent Gallery, Tangier, Morocco
2021: 1-54 Insider, Montresso Foundation, Marrakech
2020: Solo exhibition, ”Tell me the morning is on its way”, Kulte gallery and edition, Rabat, Morocco
2019: Group show, Banque Populaire Gallery, Rabat, Morocco
2018: Group show, Artweek Casablanca, Mastermind7, Prestigia Gallery, Casablanca, Morocco


2021: Artist residency, CDA Gallery, Casablanca
2020; Art Residency “Jardin Rouge”, Marakech, Morocco
2019 : “Jardin Rouge” Art Residency. Montresso Foundation, Marrakech, Morocco
2018: Art Residency “Flore Maison Des Arts” BirJdid, Morocco
2015 : Representation of Morocco in the international workshop of painting, Sousse, Tunisia
2014 : 1st prize in the national competition of painting, Oujda, Morocco